Why Us?

Why Us?


NATC is not just another “bodyguard school.” We strive to train and develop a better private security operator, one with the attitude and determination to be the best and to help the industry move to a higher level of excellence. We aim to improve industry standards and put behind us stains of the past that came about from the misconduct of a few misguided security companies.

Do not expect for the course to be a breeze. We can guarantee that it will be hard, but it will also be extremely rewarding and will definitely help each student on their path to becoming not just a solid professional, but also a leader, in the fast paced industry of private security.

The NATC 30 day Advanced Protective Security Specialist Course was designed to give you the best and most current training of today in line with the Department of State Diplomatic Security standards, as well as the Worldwide Personal Protective Services standards. Terminology, vehicle operations, tactics, Force Protection duties, organization, emergency medical treatment, and so on will be included.

But that is not all we do. Every minute you are being evaluated by the Cadre. Everything you do or say from the time you arrive is evaluated; everything we have you do or that we say to you is a test. And we do mean everything. From tactics and operations, to how you present yourself and what you say to others, to how well you maintain your room and equipment, and everything in-between. For this course is not just to train you and then send you on your merry way. No, no, no. It is our selection phase. Do we wish to keep you on as an instructor? Would we like to send you onto one of our affiliate’s contracts and have you represent us before them? Would we put our seal of approval on you to an unknown company calling to check on your personality, attitude, and expertise in reference to a position they may be considering you for, and once again by doing so having you represent us here at NATC?

NATC is closely affiliated with SPI International which provides services to the Hollywood entertainment industry, private sector companies, as well as state and federal agencies. We also work with other international companies performing a wide variety of services such as Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance Training, Target Hardening, Maritime and Aviation Security, Force protection, etc..

It is because our graduates work with companies like SPI, Halcrow, Feelings Production, as well as the U.S. Government with the Department of Defense, the Department of Transportation, and others, that we use our course as a selection program, to place our most promising graduates with the appropriate positions as they become available.

The “in your face” facts are these; there are way more people in this business then there are jobs. Anyone can call himself a “Bodyguard” with little or no training, or with basic military and Law Enforcement Training. If you think that you can get away with simply being imposing looking and a good shot in today’s personal protection environment, then good on you, because we, as professionals, do not have to worry about you taking our jobs away. In truth, thetrue professional is knowledgeable and trained in a dizzying amount of tactical and operational information. When you see the curriculum taught in our course you will begin to understand what we are talking about.

Our unofficial motto is “Hire on personality and train to standard”. Anyone can learn to shoot. But if you can stay calm, perform your duties to standard, and keep a sense of humor during times of extreme boredom or under extreme stress to include possible combat, then you are a rare commodity and we want you around. You simply need the drive, determination, and self motivation to help us help you make it happen. You need to be able to blend into all situations and environments both physically and mentally. From the sharp looking guy in the suit next to the client, to the guy in his military kit that looks like he is about to cut your throat, to the guy who isn’t noticed because he is disappearing into the surrounding crowd on surveillance operations. The Ego has to be left behind, and you must be willing to mold yourself into whatever is necessary for the team and the mission. You think of the mission first, the team second, and of your own needs last. That’s it, that’s how it works. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Hardly.