Jon Tripp

Jon Tripp
Jon Tripp

Lead Instructor: Advanced Protective Security Specialist (APSS)Course and all other NATC conducted training.

Jon started his career in the U.S. Army. First in 11B Infantry/LRRP units with the 82nd Airborne Division, he followed that assignment as a 12B Combat Engineer with the 24th Infantry Division, and his final training was with Special Forces completing the 18D Special Operations Medical Sergeants Course. Due to injuries sustained on a parachute operation, he was subsequently honorably discharged as “Medically Retired due to Combat Related Injuries”. After several years of recovery and learning to use his limbs properly again, as well as learning to control and deal with the ever present pain, and after watching the scenes unfolding before his eyes on September 11 of 2001, he tried to get cleared to re-enlist but was turned down, so he attended an Executive Protection Course and after graduation he was assigned to duties in Bosnia. When the war in Iraq kicked off, he vowed to join that fight, and a few months later Jon found himself in downtown Baghdad. He then spent the next 5 assignments traveling throughout Iraq performing various duties from Operator, to Client Handler, to Team Leader, to Instructor and even the Project Manager for Group Four Falck (Group Four Securitas) Baghdad Operations.

Unfortunately, one early November morning in Al Mansur, a suburb of Baghdad, Jon was making his rounds within the clients compound and just as he passed an area closest to the backside road, a car bomb went off targeting a military convoy that happened to be passing by. Many, both U.S. and local people, lost their life that day. Luckily, Jon wasn’t one of them. However, it did fracture his nose and cheekbone, as well as severely injure his spinal cord once again. He received additional surgery and therapy to attempt to correct the injuries. His therapy and recovery remains on-going.

After initial treatment and recovery Jon began teaching the very same Executive Protection Course he attended after the events of 9/11. Eventually assuming duties of Agent-In-Charge of Training and Evaluation. In between classes he also worked for another company called Halcrow, a Global Consultancy Company, as a Target Hardening, Surveillance and Counter -Surveillance Instructor overseas. However, as it sometimes happens, Jon and his employers had two different visions for the direction of the training as well as the conducting of business and contracts. So Jon decided to leave and start new. However he remains on a consultant basis with Halcrow.

This is where NATC came into the picture. The owners of the company are former students of Jon’s. They attended one of his first classes when he started teaching personal protection. Upon hearing that he was now open for new employment, they offered him his current position. When asked what he would like to do for training, Jon replied, “get everyone the hell out of my way and let me do something I know I can do, make something special that no one else has seen or done in one course”. So we said “OK”. Jon is now the only permanent instructor here at NATC (due to his injuries). All other instructors must rotate between teaching and operations in order to keep themselves current and relative to today’s ever changing world of private security.

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