Alecs Dean

Alecs Dean

NRA Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, and Concealed Carry Instructor

Alecs Dean


The founder of International Firearm Safety, Inc., W. Alecs Dean, is the single most accredited Firearm Instructor in the entire United States. There is no one else with the credentials of Mr. Dean in all of America. He is Certified as a Concealed Carry Firearm Instructor by more states than anyone else nationwide. He is widely considered an expert in the handling of guns, as well as interpreting and establishing training doctrine and safety procedures.

Alecs’ courses are recognized as fulfilling the needs of 41 different state firearm training requirements. Each class we hold here at NATC is tailored for your particular needs in reference to weapons training and concealed carry requirements for your home state of record. Alecs takes dozens of hours of continuing education each year to maintain, as well as further his weapons and instructor knowledge. As such he has had thousands of hours of training all over the country, with most of the training being conducted by law enforcement agencies and/or personnel.

Alecs security clearance, training and background has been extremely useful on personal protection assignments for various levels of government personnel in the past. However, at this time, we are not allowed to state the names of those personnel.

International Firearm Safety, Inc. and Alecs maintains professional NRA-endorsed General Liability Instructor Insurance and a separate Professional Instruction Insurance Policy.

He has had numerous articles published in the following;

  • CWFL Magazine
  • Firearms Fundamentals
  • NRA Magazine
  • Citizens Legal Defense Network Newsletter

Alecs has trained the following groups and agencies:

  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Various USA and Canadian Law Enforcement
  • Canadian Paralympics Shooting Team
  • SOS Limited, Tactical Team
  • US Department of Agriculture
  • Wild Life Managers for Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom

He has also been consulted as an expert in firearms and safety by various groups and government agencies to include ABC, NBC, and CBS.

Alecs has hundreds of hours of verifiable training taken from dozens of law enforcement and civilian firearm instructor’s in more than ten states – Alecs will proudly produce his credentials for your review prior to each class if you so wish. Additionally, Alecs has many letters of recommendation and referral that will also be produced upon request.