Advanced Protective Security Specialist Training


Advanced Protective Security Specialist Training

NATC is a privately held provider of Advanced Protective Security Specialist (APSS) training in line with the Department of State Diplomatic/VIP Protection, and the Worldwide Personal Protective Services (WPPS) Standards.



NATC is now offering 7 Day Bodyguard Course LEVEL 1 in San Francisco Bay Area the course consist of the following:

-Advance Concepts & Procedures
-Route Selection & Surveys
-Designing & Implementing a Protective Detail
-Choreography & Formations
-Access Control
-Securing the Perimeter
-Threat Identification and Counter Planning & IED
-Tactical Driving
-Motorcade & Convoy Security Concepts
-Arrival & Departure Procedures
-Vehicle Sweeps & Vehicle Readiness
-State Licensing Requirements & Insurance BSIS

After completion of the 7 DAY course students will receive NATC Certificate of completion. Also, will receive Initial Guard Card Powers to Arrest Test, as of 7/2004 Open Book, 8 hours mandatory from Fisher Executive Protection. Furthermore, students will have an opportunity to interview with Fisher Executive Protection for possible job placement.

Price of the 7 Day Bodyguard Course LEVEL 1 includes all instruction and lodging, training equipment and BSIS instructions for the state of California at $1,995.00*

* Students are responsible for their own transportation and meals

* Price does not include Live Scan or any fee that might apply to the state of California

To apply contact us at info@natc-america.com

or call us at 1888-977-6282