Advanced Protective Security Specialist Training



Advanced Protective Security Specialist Training

NATC is a privately held provider of Advanced Protective Security Specialist (APSS) training in line with the Department of State Diplomatic/VIP Protection, and the Worldwide Personal Protective Services (WPPS) Standards.

14 Day Protective Security      Specialist Training

This course is an introduction course to protective security specialist (BODYGUARD). The student will get an insight into the job of protective security specialist and the training required to work as a bodyguard. The aim is to introduce the student to the close protection world, and gain knowledge through class room and real life scenarios.

For information on class dates and the subjects covered in the 14 Day course please follow this link “Applying Info

30 Day Advanced Protective     Security Specialist Training

Our advanced course is designed for civilians looking to enter the industry of protective services, as well as for individuals with military and law enforcement backgrounds seeking to fine tune their skills and prepare for leadership positions.

Those seeking to enter the fields of diplomatic protection, VIP protection, close protection, executive protection, force protection, asset protection, port & shipping security, aviation security, or become bodyguards, security guards and so on, should consider attending NATC in order to improve their chances of being hired for a position, as well as being promoted from their current position. For our 30 day course not only provides training for these types of positions, it is also built around the burdens of leadership such as command & control decisions, team counseling, re-supply, and delegation of authority.

For information on class dates and the subjects covered in the 30 Day course Please follow this link “Applying Info